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Return of Cricket!


Well, what a difference a few hours can make. Earlier this evening, the Government announced that recreational cricket is to return from next weekend, Saturday & Sunday 11th & 12th July, an announcement that has been warmly welcomed by the ECB and club cricketers up and down the country. The ECB will be in touch with all clubs in the coming days with details of how exactly cricket will return; as of this moment, there are no guidelines as to number of players that can play, clubhouse etiquette, and Covid procedures. Nothing is defined and nothing has been promised or guaranteed; we will only know what the season will resemble when the guidelines are issued. The Committee will be meeting on receipt of the ECB guidelines, which they will then pass on to all of you.


One of the many things committee will need to do is arrange pitch bookings, and to do this knowing exactly how many players are available for the next three weekends will be essential. Therefore, a Doodle poll for July availabilities has been created and we are asking you all to participate - even if you aren't available (simply click 'No' on all the dates/days). This will help us know how many teams we could field, and we are aiming for three on Saturdays and three on Sundays. It must be stressed, at this point, that we do not know what the format of the games will be, or the size of the teams; we all hope for 11-a-side, but won't know until we receive the guidelines, but we need your availabilities despite not being able to guarantee you a standard 11-a-side game. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for good news when it comes.

If you are not already on the mailing list or in our WhatsApp group please get in touch and we will add you, from there you can access the July Doodle poll.

Once the Committee has digested the guidelines and had their meeting, they will communicate all the info you'll need to know as quickly as possible afterwards. Later in the week, the captains will select their teams once the fixtures have been confirmed, and communicate them to everyone via the mailing list and WhatsApp group.

As you'll appreciate, the Committee will have to work very hard and on a number of tasks over the coming week if cricket is to finally return next weekend, so please be patient in terms of updates. Thank you!


And so we are still a little bit "on hold". We know that cricket is definitely returning, but when, where and how are still to be decided. Your availabilities will be a massive help to the Committee in terms of knowing who's around, so please confirm when you can/ cannot play as soon as possible (preferably by Sunday evening, ahead of Monday morning phone calls/ meetings etc).


Have a great weekend!

Outdoor Nets


As lockdown restrictions are slowly lifted, we are happy to announce outdoor nets can now take place! However, for now, the days of rocking up and joining in are having to be put on hold; we have had to follow quite stringent guidelines set out by the Government and endorsed by the England & Wales Cricket Board. Until further notice, only six people are able to participate in any given session.


Sunday Afternoon 1pm-3pm/ Tuesday Evening 6:15-8:15/ Thursday Evening 6:15-8:15 slots are our regular net session days and times. Doodle Polls will be sent out via our Email and Whatsapp groups, let us know if you are not part of either. 

The below guidelines must be followed whilst taking part to adhere to Government restrictions: 


- A maximum of six attendees are allowed per hour-long session, one of which will be a Committee Member
- No sharing of kit, balls etc is allowed
- Bring a drink with you, as the clubhouse will not be open
- Clean your hands at the sanitizing station after your hour-long slot is finished
- Always help set up or close down, depending on which slot you are attending

There are many of you who do not live locally to the club and may wish to hold your own net sessions nearer home with other players. If that is the case, please re-read the ECB guidelines re-published at the top of this email and stick to them, for no other reason than we want each and every one of you to stay safe and keep well, and not put yourselves in danger's way.


It is a shame that we cannot just open our doors and invite everyone down to practice, but at the moment we must do as we are all being told. Keep your fingers crossed that good news regarding getting the game on comes sooner rather than later, and in the meantime do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information.

June 2020 Update


Now that certain lockdown conditions have begun to be relaxed, we have fielded the inevitable questions regarding the return of recreational cricket and where we are with the possibility of outdoor cricket nets. There have been recent updates regarding recreational cricket from the ECB which have then been followed by those that administrate the recreational game, and as of today, it is still suspended until further notice. It is hoped that discussions will soon take place - perhaps even this week - regarding whether or not cricket at our level can and will return, and once these discussions have taken place and decisions been made, we will pass them onto you. With the return of professional cricket a matter of weeks away, and other professional sports already back in place, we can only hope that we get some good news regarding the resumption of cricket soon.


As soon as we receive the next update from the ECB downwards, we will pass them onto you. Stay safe and keep well!

2020 Winter Nets


Every Saturday, from January 18th up until April 4th, we'll be at the fantastic facilities of Wimbledon College between 10am and 12pm, so come and join us to shake off the rust and fine-tune those techniques!


Of the lanes that will be open, there'll be a lane dedicated to League players and a lane dedicated to those who play friendlies only, with the option of a third net being a bit of both or a one-to-one practice net. The cost per attendee is £5 for full-time employed, and £3 all others (including under-18's) - and the fee is only charged to recoup the cost of booking the nets. The next two weeks are however completely free!


There will be no need to arrive early and set up: the College staff do that for us. They also provide the stumps! All we need to do is respect the facilities, and use them accordingly. Changing facilities are also available. The mats we will be using are spring-loaded; everyone who wants a bat, especially in the League net, is strongly advised to wear a helmet. And bring a ball!


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible - and any acquaintances who may be looking for a club to play for - over the coming weeks.

2020 Membership


The AGM voted unanimously to keep the membership & match fees as they have been since 2015, but with a new junior (under 18's) match fee of £5. 

MEMBERSHIP FEES: Full-time employed £50; Part-time/ Unemployed/ Student £30; Under-18's £15


MATCH FEES: Full-time employed £13; Part-time/

Unemployed/ Student £8; Under-18's £5


Previous members who play games before paying their membership will be charged an additional £4 match fee (down from £5 last year) per game; so it's best to get your memberships paid in before the season starts! This will not apply to you if you are a brand new player who hasn't played for Merton before; the usual four-game grace period is still in place for you, paying the standard match fee (you can pay your membership earlier or during the grace period if you so wish). If, however, you play five or more games, the additional games will incur that £4 fee increase.


The complete terms and conditions of membership will be released in due course!


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