Match Day Rules

1. All players must arrive at the home ground at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to help prepare the ground and set up Club equipment


2. Players should not wait for the Captain’s instructions on what ground preparations to make or what Club equipment to set up - they must take action themselves


3. Those players who arrive late must ensure that they stay after the match to help put the Club equipment away


4. All players must pay their correct match fee to the Captain after each game


5. If any player has not paid their annual membership subscription, or owes any other monies to the Club, then these must be paid in addition


6. For away matches, players with cars may be requested to help non-driving players by providing transport to and from opposition venues


7. For all away matches, players must ensure that they are on time for any pre-arranged meeting


8. In the absence of any available approriate Club member, the bar will be shut during all home games and the key will be held by the Captain or a designated Club member


9. If any Club member requires items from the bar when it is closed during a home match then they must request the key holder on the day to obtain those items for them


10. After each home game, all areas of the Clubhouse must be left clean and tidy: • all the dressing rooms are to be properly swept and any rubbish removed • the bar and kitchen areas are to be wiped clean and left tidy • all tables in the main Clubhouse area are to be wiped clean • the main Clubhouse floor is to be thoroughly hoovered • all rubbish bins are to be emptied into the dustbin bags provided • all filled dustbin bags of rubbish are to be left in the garage