June 2020 Update

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Now that certain lockdown conditions have begun to be relaxed, we have fielded the inevitable questions regarding the return of recreational cricket and where we are with the possibility of outdoor cricket nets. There have been recent updates regarding recreational cricket from the ECB which have then been followed by those that administrate the recreational game, and as of today, it is still suspended until further notice. It is hoped that discussions will soon take place - perhaps even this week - regarding whether or not cricket at our level can and will return, and once these discussions have taken place and decisions been made, we will pass them onto you. With the return of professional cricket a matter of weeks away, and other professional sports already back in place, we can only hope that we get some good news regarding the resumption of cricket soon.

As soon as we receive the next update from the ECB downwards, we will pass them onto you. Stay safe and keep well!