Return of Cricket!

Well, what a difference a few hours can make. Earlier this evening, the Government announced that recreational cricket is to return from next weekend, Saturday & Sunday 11th & 12th July, an announcement that has been warmly welcomed by the ECB and club cricketers up and down the country. The ECB will be in touch with all clubs in the coming days with details of how exactly cricket will return; as of this moment, there are no guidelines as to number of players that can play, clubhouse etiquette, and Covid procedures. Nothing is defined and nothing has been promised or guaranteed; we will only know what the season will resemble when the guidelines are issued. The Committee will be meeting on receipt of the ECB guidelines, which they will then pass on to all of you.

One of the many things committee will need to do is arrange pitch bookings, and to do this knowing exactly how many players are available for the next three weekends will be essential. Therefore, a Doodle poll for July availabilities has been created and we are asking you all to participate - even if you aren't available (simply click 'No' on all the dates/days). This will help us know how many teams we could field, and we are aiming for three on Saturdays and three on Sundays. It must be stressed, at this point, that we do not know what the format of the games will be, or the size of the teams; we all hope for 11-a-side, but won't know until we receive the guidelines, but we need your availabilities despite not being able to guarantee you a standard 11-a-side game. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for good news when it comes.

If you are not already on the mailing list or in our WhatsApp group please get in touch and we will add you, from there you can access the July Doodle poll.

Once the Committee has digested the guidelines and had their meeting, they will communicate all the info you'll need to know as quickly as possible afterwards. Later in the week, the captains will select their teams once the fixtures have been confirmed, and communicate them to everyone via the mailing list and WhatsApp group.

As you'll appreciate, the Committee will have to work very hard and on a number of tasks over the coming week if cricket is to finally return next weekend, so please be patient in terms of updates. Thank you!

And so we are still a little bit "on hold". We know that cricket is definitely returning, but when, where and how are still to be decided. Your availabilities will be a massive help to the Committee in terms of knowing who's around, so please confirm when you can/ cannot play as soon as possible (preferably by Sunday evening, ahead of Monday morning phone calls/ meetings etc).

Have a great weekend!